Brand Story



Founded and creatively directed by Izumi Ogino, ANTEPRIMA is a collection of timeless, effortless and sophisticated collection designed for modern women to last, season after season; ageless and borderless, where minimalism takes centre stage with quality textures such as the brand’s DNA knit wear, loose silhouettes and refined details. ANTEPRIMA finds empowerment, inner strength and confident in essential shapes and tonal hues that form the basis of a classic wardrobe.

Inspired by Izumi’s wide array of life experiences, travel and exposure to fashion and art from around the world, she saw the need to create a brand that is both versatile and timeless for smart stylish women of all ages and backgrounds; Women who draw their own lives.

Embodying her own taste of style, Izumi designed collection that are feminine with sporty edge, classic yet modern, and simple – with a pop of personality.

Smart, Precious with LOVE from ANTEPRIMA.


Happiness is an icon bag. A bag that becomes a woman's best friend, always faithful on her wrist or shoulders. A companion that, like herself, is always ahead of fashion but never out of style. A bag that creates as the spotlight, and brings cache to the arms it belongs on.

ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG uses only the most exquisite materials, including an exclusive wire that is crafted in a wide range of colors, to hand-knit lightweight creations that gleam with just a hint of light.

An instant hit when it was first released in 1998, the WIREBAG has since evolved into a fashion icon in its own right. Artfully crafted into new, beautiful hues and shapes, every collection brings refreshing novelty into the fashion world every season.

Flawlessly spun into a matrix of high-tech materials and timeless craftsmanship, each bag represents the perfect balance of confidence, strength and playfulness that characterizes the independent modern woman.

ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG: To have and to hold, now and forever.